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Refresh. Revitalise. Renew.

Like the desert sands constantly moving, communication is the same. West 2 East have the knowledge, talent and experience you need to maximise opportunities. We are an oasis where you can refresh, revitalise or completely renew your marketing. It may be a digital approach, web, social media or traditional media, DM and print. They are all part of the journey to more effective and results driven communication. You may be thirsty for new concepts, new media or need a route to new markets. West 2 East is well established, well informed and will not run dry on ideas.

West 2 East

Four companies in one.

Go Tripod. Factorial. Reflex Graphic. Pixl Chicks. We have four highly specialised teams with vast experience and talent. Each operates separately or collectively through West 2 East. There are no boundaries – we work together seamlessly. The starting point of the journey is here. The destination will be very rewarding.

All the services you need

(...for now anyway!)

As things change, we keep up with developments, especially in the digital world. Find out more:

Marketing Strategy

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits. West 2 East have a lot of faith in this approach. You have to know where you are going and the best route for better results and our strategy will do that. Let’s meet and start the journey.

Printing & Promotions

We’re here to help build your brand, sell your service and products and attract new customers. We have a great deal of print and promotional experience. West 2 East designs and buys the print at remarkably good value with the assurance of quality and on time delivery.

Web Design & Build

Web design is not just about creating pretty layouts. It’s about understanding the marketing challenge behind your business. SEO is a marketing function but it needs to be built into the content. Not added afterwards. Like so many do.

Graphic Design & Copywriting

Less is more when it comes to copy. The wordier the language gets, the more difficult it is for the designer to create a clean, compelling graphic design. It also allows the overall message to be quickly digestible in a world where we’re often forced to scan because of the amount of information being presented to us at any given moment.

Digital & Traditional Media

No business can ignore digital and social media. We are tooled up to write exciting blogs, post articles to social media. Eshots and banner ads are another chance to break into and communicate in a way not possible before. But let’s not forget traditional advertising, direct marketing, design and print which still plays a vital role and always will. Some things are just better printed.

Illustration, Photoshop & Animation

We create beautiful free-form vector designs and illustrations, highly sophisticated photoshop to turn our ideas into production-quality artwork. Animation is also increasingly being used in digital medium and we know what works cost effectively.

Our Portfolio

Digital. Traditional. Social

Just a few examples to quench your thirst when things dry up!

  • Traditional print

    Illustration and banner display work

  • traditional print

    Design and print work

  • Technical brochure and printing work

  • website design and build

    Website work

  • banner printing

    Graphic display work

  • Website design and development

    Website work

Meet Our People

Our friendly and knowledgeable team takes pride in delivering top quality work.
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David Dawson

David Dawson


Founder of West 2 East in 2005. Prior to this spent over 20 years as creative director and part owner of a successful Bristol advertising agency — Strange and Dawson advertising plc. Over the years he has not only been a creative ideas man, but also liaises with the client directly. This has proved to be very beneficial for clients and why eventually he decided to start over with West to East to this take this approach further. Working mainly in the B2B sector in many areas and also financial, including a major building society. David sees a great future working with the team, who all have their own unique skills, offering clients a truly coordinated solution.

Sarah Pilbrow

Sarah Pilbrow


Having spent over a decade leading marketing teams in globally acclaimed companies, Sarah founded Factorial! Marketing in 2017, seeing the opportunity to utilise her wealth of client-side experience to help others deliver the marketing projects and tools needed to grow their businesses. She is a Chartered Marketer whose strategic, project management and copywriting expertise will facilitate your marketing project on time and on budget. Comfortable with both the digital and traditional components of marketing, she has worked extensively with clients in a wide variety of sectors, including healthcare, financial services, travel & leisure and franchising.

Richard Ireland

Richard Ireland


A highly experienced graphic designer with a creative approach. Having been studio head at Strange and Dawson advertising plc, Richard has continued to work with David on many West 2 East projects. With a strong eye for detail and accuracy, he is a valuable team member and his skills are much appreciated by colleagues and clients alike.

Simon Ashley

Simon Ashley

Barbara Macdonald

Barbara Macdonald


Barb is a free-spirited creative with a passion for design and over 15 years of experience in website design and development, graphics, and multimedia production. Her unique skillset blends the creative with the code and lets her not only create the perfect visuals, mockup and prototype the perfect website or app, and choose the perfect images - she can also build it all from scratch!

Simon Ashley

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